Paperless Trail Inc Announces New Website for Activity Factory Business Process Management

25 Mar

Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI), a Philippines based system integrator and application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS applications and document imaging, recently announced the launch of the website for one of their product brands, namely Activity Factory – Business Process Management Tool. The new website can be found at

The goal of the website is to create a resource center for any and all information related to Activity Factory such as workflow, monitoring, optimization and business process management in the Philippines. On the website, visitors can get information on the different features for Activity Factory including Workflow Designer, Database Integration, Performance Monitor, Directory/File Watcher Workflow tool and Temporal or Scheduler Workflow tool.

Activity Factory is a business process management tool designed to manage the coordination of applications, approvals, proposals, renewals, requisition, reimbursements, leaves, and so on with a group of individuals. Through its user-friendly interface, authorized personnel can gain access to selected tasks, view their status and input, and pass it on for the next stage in the relay. Activity Factory is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

The new website was designed so that visitors will be able to easily locate and access the information they need about the product and its features. Screenshots are also available to give a visual representation of what Activity Factory can do. The website will also be updated regularly to give the online public up to date information in a timely manner.

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