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Paperless Trail Inc Announces New Website for Activity Factory Business Process Management

25 Mar

Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI), a Philippines based system integrator and application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS applications and document imaging, recently announced the launch of the website for one of their product brands, namely Activity Factory – Business Process Management Tool. The new website can be found at

The goal of the website is to create a resource center for any and all information related to Activity Factory such as workflow, monitoring, optimization and business process management in the Philippines. On the website, visitors can get information on the different features for Activity Factory including Workflow Designer, Database Integration, Performance Monitor, Directory/File Watcher Workflow tool and Temporal or Scheduler Workflow tool.

Activity Factory is a business process management tool designed to manage the coordination of applications, approvals, proposals, renewals, requisition, reimbursements, leaves, and so on with a group of individuals. Through its user-friendly interface, authorized personnel can gain access to selected tasks, view their status and input, and pass it on for the next stage in the relay. Activity Factory is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

The new website was designed so that visitors will be able to easily locate and access the information they need about the product and its features. Screenshots are also available to give a visual representation of what Activity Factory can do. The website will also be updated regularly to give the online public up to date information in a timely manner.

Paperless Trail Inc Relaunches Website Featuring Improved Business Solutions

22 Feb

Paperless Trail Inc (PTI), a Philippines based system integrator/application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS applications and document imaging recently recently redesigned and re-launched their website with an improved content structure and a modern new design. The website, which can be viewed at, is part of PTI’s new objective of updating their products and services and creating a solution-centric offering.

The new website redesign exhibits PTI’s products and services in 3 solutions groups namely: Business Solutions, Mapping Products and Services, and Imaging and Document Management. Each solution aims to provide clients with a one-stop resource for their requirements in different business sectors like Human Resources, Supply Chain, Distribution, and many more.

Business Solutions provide intelligent tools geared towards improving overall productivity in virtually any type of business or industry.

Imaging and Document Management offers a scanning and archiving service that created, manages and secures digital copies of hard files in one place for quick and easy future reference.

Mapping Products and Services is a location and tracking-based software designed to empower users with the intelligence their business or service needs to function efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the new content structure, the website redesign features an improved user friendly menu layout. However, many of the previous elements of the website was also retained especially the inquiry forms, product and service descriptions, and other important content. Case studies have also been made available for clients to view and see the benefits and uses of the different PTI products and services.

Paperless Trail Announces 2012 Q4 Release for Philippine GPS Maps

30 Jan

Paperless Trail Inc (PTI), recently announced the 2012 Q4 release of updates for the company’s detailed Garmin compatible Philippine GPS Maps.

PTI has developed complete GPS maps of the entire Philippines to support its various mapping products and services, including support for Garmin navigation devices. The maps feature detailed coverage from regional down to street level, and include all major roads, toll ways, national highways, and ferry routes.

With nationwide coverage, the Philippine GPS maps have data on key cities all over the country including NCR, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Baguio, Clark Pampanga, Subic, Iloilo, Bacolod, and General Santos. As part of the Q4 map updates, each island group of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao gets zip code boundary features, including the Philippine population data of 2010.

The GPS Philippines Maps also feature specific details like major, secondary and tertiary roads. The updates also include additional information regarding speed limits in specific roads throughout the country.

Also, surveyed POI (Points of Interest) Data is already available nationwide including an accurate guide when it comes to locating convenience stores, shopping malls, gas stations, restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels and more. Today, the Garmin compatible Philippine GPS maps have over 90,000 POIs nationwide.

Taguig City Government Integrates Paperless Trail’s Business Mapper into Survey System

10 May

One of the many innovations that the local government of Taguig City is implementing is the integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Business Mapper into their Survey System. Paperless Trail Inc, a Philippines based system integrator/application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS applications was selected to provide Business Mapper and location intelligence solutions.

Business Mapper provides organizations with GIS based data and mapping tools that allow them to harness the power of location intelligence. Business Mapper allows users to perform branch location planning, demographics analysis, crisis and emergency responses, proposed projects and sites, asset mapping, vicinity mapping and many customize-able features.

The goal of the said GIS integration into Taguig’s survey system is to facilitate business licensing, assessment, zoning, public safety and crime mapping, urban planning, health disease mapping, risk assessment management, and many other uses. The Taguig City Integrated Survey System is a city-wide census that will help the local government identify the needs of the residents in the city.

Paperless Trail upgrades its GIS platform to MapInfo Professional 10

4 Jun

Paperless Trail upgrades its GIS platform to MapInfo Professional 10

Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI), a Philippines based system integrator and application developer specializing in digital mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications development and GPS based location intelligence recently adopted MapInfo Professional 10.0 to enhance the company’s GIS services.

After several months of deliberation, Paperless Trail decided to upgrade their GIS tools to MapInfo V10.  There were a number of factors contributing to this decision. However, after detailed study of the alternatives, Paperless Trail concluded that MapInfo still represents the best combination of functionality, compatibility, and ease of use. These factors, plus the widespread use of MapInfo by the minerals exploration sector, and Paperless Trail’s need for a reliable platform for GIS production, were the major drivers behind our decision.