Business Mapper and Community Mapping Services Comparison

26 Mar

Differences Between Google Earth, Wikimapia and etc with Business Mapper

A lot of our potential customers often ask the question, what makes Business Mapper different from FREE community mapping services such as Google Earth, Wikimapia or Google maps.  Listed here are the various differences.


Business Mapper comes with maintained datasets or digital gps maps of the Philippines, most datasets are aged for relevance.  The trouble with community mapping is that it is both reliable and unreliable, users just have to figure out from the thousands of records which are valid and which ones are not.

Data Storage

Business Mapper stores data on the customer’s own servers, not on shared networks or public domains.  Whatever the customer captures or surveys remain the customer’s intellectual property.

Designed for Integration

Business Mapper was designed to integrate with corporate databases for data-mining.  With community mapping services user’s cannot answer these question; who are my customers in this barangay, municipality or province?  How much revenue do I get from customers in this area? Where are my top 20% markets?

Google Earth, Wikimapia and etc.

These community mapping services are a great service to the world, they have people aware of the power of GIS or Location Information.

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