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Paperless Trail Inc. Document Management System Announces New Document Control Feature

26 Sep

Paperless Trail Inc (PTI), a Philippines based system integrator/application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS applications and document imaging, recently highlighted one of the many features of their Archive One – Document Management System – The Document Control feature.

Archive One is designed to manage, classify, store, secure, search for and retrieve essential company documents. As one of the main features of Archive One is the ability to manage Controlled Documents, which allows users the ability to control changes, track edits and record versions of any single document in the system.

Controlled Documents can be reviewed, edited, and distributed depending on the restrictions set upon each document Whenever a controlled document is changed, the document management system will automatically save a copy of the previous version, tracks the changes made in the new version, and maintains a log of the user, date and time the changes were made.

“The Document Control feature of the Archive One gives companies that added layer of security and backup  that is so important today. It is our goal to provide a reliable and fully featured document management system that meet our client’s requirements and regulatory compliances,” says Peter Morrison, CEO of Paperless Trail Inc.

Paperless Trail Inc. is a member of the Quadra Alliance – the premier full service IT solutions provider in the Philippines.

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